24 May 2018
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Uploaded by Phil Dawson on 20/05/2013
What is going on? Space travel will never be the same. Shocking news: a spaceman with a personality, using social media to connect with earthlings! Is it a fact? Is it a fiction? No, it’s Chris Hadfield the astronaut and ‘space oddity’, making space come alive. This week’s TOTW is solely about the wonder that is Chris Hadfield: a new type of astronaut who has transformed the meaning of astronaut and made real space travel accessible and entertaining to millions, through social media, film and song. Students will discover what makes him different; how he has changed the concept of space travel and what connects him to David Bowie. In addition they will have the opportunity to discuss SMSC issues related to his expedition and complete a complementary Numerate Learner activity.
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