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05 December 2016

Develop the transferable learning, life and employability skills required for student achievement with our engaging and dynamic on-line resources for schools and colleges.

Use tutorial and assembly time to cover Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education, plus easily embed literacy and numeracy skills. All this for less than a £1 per student per year. If you'd like to see how this can be achieved then try our Weekly Learning Solutions for FREE.  

Our 'Prezi' based resources help you deliver fantastic, topical tutorials, lessons and assemblies

To inspire change, change your presentation tool

Zoom outside the slide and bring your ideas to life.

Screenshot 0 Christmas Quiz December 2016 Christmas has its origins in the Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus. How Christmas started is still uncertain and why the 25th Dece... 2 views | 13 hours ago
Screenshot 0 Weekly News Quiz 28th November 2016 This week’s quiz has 11 questions in 5 sections, including: Political Interference; Sporting Glory; Entertainment – Something Sad and Someth... 51 views | 1 weeks ago
Screenshot 0 Weekly News Quiz 21st November 2016 This week’s quiz has 11 questions in 4 sections, including: Political Interference; International Disaster; UK News – Creating Controversy: ... 61 views | 2 weeks ago
Screenshot 0 Children in Need 2016 - The Record Breaker This year Children In Need celebrates its 37th anniversary, and the appeal is set to be bigger and better than ever before. A record-breaki... 34 views | 3 weeks ago
Screenshot 0 US Presidential Election - The Results Donald Trump has defied all the odds and with a wave of anti-establishment sentiment gained one of the most improbable political victories i... 69 views | 4 weeks ago
Screenshot 0 Remembrance 2016 “In Flanders fields the poppies blow”, the opening line from John McRea’s famous remembrance poem, is a call for all to remember those who d... 27 views | 4 weeks ago
Screenshot 0 Weekly News Quiz 7th November 2016 This week’s quiz has 11 questions in 6 sections, including: Political Interference; International Action; Celebrity awards; Anti Bullying Po... 37 views | 1 months ago
Screenshot 0 Guy Fawkes 2016 - Terrorist or Freedom Fighter? Guy Fawkes raises a variety of provocative questions, for example: What is the point of Bonfire Night? Who is Guy Fawkes and why is he so im... 40 views | 1 months ago


Our Learning Solutions provide resources for tutorials, assemblies, lessons and activity days

Weekly Learning Solutions

Four fantastic new 'Prezi' resources available each week, perfect for: assemblies and tutorials; teaching and learning.

"One of the brilliant things that Student Coaching does is to produce weekly resources that are perfect to use for assemblies, tutorials, lesson starters and much more. These interactive prezis make traditional presentations look archaic, and foster much better engagement with students." Charlotte, Iris Connect

Topic of the Week

Simplifying world news and topical issues for learners. Helps to develop peer learning and independent study for individuals or small groups. Developed in ‘Prezi’ and appropriate for Years 7 to 11.

"Topic of the week has been an excellent resource which we have used in our College Assemblies to inform and educate our students about current events." Senior Leader, Frank F Harrison Academy

Language for Learning

Explores topical issues and develops a shared language for younger learners. Helps to develop peer learning and independent study for individuals or small groups. Developed in ‘Prezi’ and appropriate for Years 5 to 8.

"There is a large bank of really useful resources in the Language for Learning package, we have shared this with local primaries and also delivered them to our Year 7 to boost their learning skills." Senior Leader, Walsall School

SMSC Matters

Enabling learners to understand SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) issues in society. Allowing awareness of these issues in world news and topical issues.

"I'd like to feed back how useful I have found the presentations. Their usefulness in providing a catalyst for Functional Skills discussions has been invaluable."
Rebecca, Queen Alexandra College.

Literacy Numeracy Booster

Explores topical issues to develop four Core Literacy or Numeracy competences. Helps to develop peer learning and independent study for individuals or small groups. Excellent for recap and review. Developed in ‘Prezi’ and appropriate for Years 5 to 8.

"We were judged to be Outstanding by OFSTED. We are delighted - they were very impressed with the way the 'employability' skills [TRICs] were embedded into all subject areas!"  Head Teacher, Teesside school


These powerpoint based tutorial sessions come with teaching and learning notes making them easy to prepare and deliver. With a library of 400 sessions a tutorial programme unique to your learners can be developed.

“Three years ago Ofsted highlighted tutor time as an area of improvement. The introduction of Learning for Life tutorials has meant that at our recent inspection Ofsted saw outstanding lessons delivered in tutor time.” Senior Leader, Teeside School.


These powerpoint based hour long lessons come with comprehensive teaching and learning notes making them easy to prepare and deliver. The library of 200 lessons covers all aspects of the worldwide social education agenda.

“Watching pupils stand up in front of the class a deliver lessons to their peers has made all the hard work developing TRICS worthwhile.” Senior Leader, Teeside School.


Developed with Bournville College, these 'prezi' based tutorial sessions are aimed at post-16 learners. An ever expanding library of sessions deals with 'hot topics' and all the functional elements required to prepare learners for their ongoing education or worklife.

"Suitcase resources are excellent. They have enabled my learners to develop new skills and become more independent." FE College tutor

Discovery Days

These powerpoint based project days aim to inspire learning without subject boundaries. Each day incorporates literacy, numeracy, history, geography and the arts; offering a range of personal and academic challenges.

"It was absolutely fantastic!!! staff were really apprehensive before and with signs of mutiny! But at the end of the day they were so positive, behaviour was much better across the school and virtually no students out of lessons. The work going on in rooms was fantastic."  Director of Learning, Frank F Harrison

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